Hair growth with LED light? Is it really effective?

This time, I would like to talk about the hair growth treatment that applies LED light to the scalp, which has become a hot topic recently.

The reason why I talk about this is that laser brushes are showing signs of fashion these days.

do you know?

That the brush called the laser hairbrush is a secret boom.

The shape is exactly the same as a normal hairbrush, but it is not a brush for brushing hair.

LED light is emitted from the protruding surface of the brush.

The laser brush is said to have a hair growth effect by irradiating the scalp with the LED light and,

With this laser brush, various rumors are circulating, especially on the Internet and other media .

"Is it really effective?"

"Does my hair grow as much as I shine it?"

There are various opinions about that.

To conclude earlier, irradiating the scalp with LED light has a hair growth effect.

Experiments using mice have also been conducted, and it has been proven that the hair growth effect can be obtained by irradiating with LED light .

It's misleading because too many people don't really understand the process.

This is a simple explanation of the process by which the hair growth effect can be obtained by exposing it to light.

There are hair matrix cells that make hair, and by irradiating them with light, a lot of substances called growth factor IGF-1 are produced.

Light stimulation affects the production of growth factors, but when exposed to this light, growth factors are secreted, and the weakened hair matrix cells regain their vitality and play a role in promoting hair growth. That's why.

The secretion of growth factors is activated by shining LED light.

Growth factor secretion activates hair-producing cells

The above process is due to the hair growth effect of the laser brush.

If you don't understand this process properly, you can't suddenly believe that the hair will grow even if you shine a light on it.

I think that various information is flying around, but it is not a lie that cells are activated by shining light.

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