Is washing hair itself counterproductive in the first place?

"Wash your hair every day!"

"No, it's enough to wash your hair about once a week!"

There is still a lot of discussion about how many times you wash your hair.

According to one theory, insufficient hair washing is even the cause of hair loss.
On the other hand, there are many people who argue the opposite.

"Modern people wash their hair too much."

"Because I wash my hair so much, I get more hair loss!"

Some people say that.

There is no clear answer as to which is correct, but it is not the case that homeless people who rarely wash their hair and Indians who do not wash their hair as much as modern people are bald.

The theory that less hair washing increases hair loss is denied by looking at these homeless people and Indians.

Hiroyuki Itsuki, who is famous as a writer, seems to wash his hair only once a month, but as you
can see, his hair is fluffy.

There is no final conclusion on the debate about whether to wash your hair often or not, but
it is true that even those who do not wash their hair often will still have fluffy hair.

It's not that you get bald right now without having to wash your hair so much.

On the contrary, if you wash your scalp too much, the condition of your scalp will deteriorate and hair loss will increase easily.

Hair-growth shampoos such as Scalp D are actively broadcast in commercials, but if the condition of the scalp is not bad, you do not have to worry about
the shampoo to be used separately.

Rather than that

I think it's better for your hair to practice improving your eating habits, quitting smoking, and reducing the amount of alcohol you drink. 

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