Is thinning hair inherited? Is heredity irrelevant?

What is worrisome is whether hair baldness is inherited.

If my parents and siblings are bald, I feel uncomfortable when I feel that I may be bald.

Although not 100%, baldness and thinning of hair are inherited.

If your parents or siblings are bald, you may also be bald.

It is common for heredity to bald.

I'm hereditary, so I can't help baldness!

If you think that, the baldness will get worse, so let's take care of the hair even with heredity.

It's not good to give up hair care.

Even if you have baldness from heredity, if you take proper care, you can make hair that is hard to bald, so take good care of your hair.

Recently, there are good products that have a high hair growth effect, so if you use such products, you can slow down the hair peeling.

There are many types of products on the market that have high baldness and hair growth effects, so you can actively use them.

Some people care about using wigs when their hair becomes thin, but it is better not to use wigs either.

If you make a wig, you can hide the baldness, but in reality, you can't hide the baldness with a wig.

It's unnatural to others, and it makes your baldness even more noticeable.

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