Lies and truth about postpartum hair loss

I'm happy when I get married, get pregnant, and become a mom.

You will be happy and spend every day.

When a child is born, it will take care of the child, so it is possible that you are not taking sufficient care of yourself.

I want to be beautiful whether I get married or become a mom, so let's work on myself even if I become a mom.

To be clear, I am concerned about hair growth.

Beautiful hair is indispensable for the beauty of women, so even if I become a mom, I want to have beautiful hair.

When I become a mom, more people are worried because I have less hair after giving birth.

Before pregnancy, there were no problems with hair, but after childbirth, there are many people who suddenly lose their hair.

After childbirth, I have various physical problems, but among them, many people feel that they have less hair.

Why do you have more problems with thinning hair and hair loss after giving birth?

After childbirth, the hormone balance of women is greatly disturbed, so it suddenly becomes a problem even though there was no problem with the body until now.

In addition to thinning hair, various symptoms can occur due to disturbances in female hormones such as acne, obesity, stiff shoulders, and poor circulation.

If you have less hair, you will get tired and old, so you also want to adjust the condition so that your hair is not disturbed.

Postpartum hair loss is something that everyone experiences.

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